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Mixed Martial Arts and Modern Combat Systems

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DFM Martial Arts is an organisation that teaches mixed martial arts, modern combat systems, submission grappling, self-defence, kickboxing, kickbox-jutsu, and kickboxercise.

DFM hold classes in Alnwick, Northumberland and in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Beginners and experienced martial artists are always welcome at all of our classes. Please see the training page for more details or contact us by phone or email.

Training with an open mind

The club’s ethos is openness and respect about all martial arts. Students from other systems are welcome to join the club and are encouraged to continue their original style. This is because we believe all martial arts have something to offer the wider knowledge of combat arts and self-defence. Students are also encouraged to attend different classes within the club such as Directional Fighting Method and DFM Kickboxing or DFM Grappling.


We strongly believe in exposing our students to other systems so we regularly hold multi-style seminars to exchange techniques and martial principles and highlight the common ground that all martial arts share.

Martial arts that are demonstrated and taught on these seminars include Evasive Self-Defence System; Kurai-Nami Kenjutsu; Aikido; Ju-jutsu; Wado Ryu Karate authentic historic Western self-defence systems using swords, shields and canes.

We also attend other multi-style seminars and have taken part in some of the region’s biggest martial arts festivals as guests, including the prestigious Marfest International Festival of Martial Arts held in Sunderland.

The club also competes in kickboxing and grappling tournaments.


All syllabuses (Directional Fighting Method, DFM Kickboxing, Kickbox-jutsu, MMA Reivers) follow a coloured belt grading system up to black levels.


The club is a member of the professional wing of the Amateur Martial Association, the biggest martial arts organisation in Europe, and is affiliated to the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations; the World Union of Karate Organisations; the English Karate Governing Board; the World Council Ju-jitsu Organisations, International Chinese Kung-fu Federation and the World Kali-Escrima Association