MMA Reivers 

Mixed Martial Arts and Modern Combat Systems

Welcome to the MMA Reivers

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THE Reivers are DFM's Mixed Martial Arts schools for those who want the ultimate fighting challenge.

Blending kickboxing, grappling, ju-jutsu, Muay Thai and many other arts, MMA is the fighting concept of the future.

The classes offer an excellent cardio-vascular workout and take students through both the stand up and ground strategies of MMA.

The classes are for those who want to compete in the cage and also those who want to use its exercise programme to get fit.

Lessons are held on matted areas and focus mitts, shields and kick bags are used to develop explosive kicking and punching. Crash mats are used so students can practice shooting in safely.

Club members can participate in any other DFM Martial Arts school.

The school has a coloured belt grading up to black belt and a junior and senior instructor programme.

All syllabuses (Directional Fighting Method, DFM Kickboxing, Kickbox-jutsu and MMA Reivers) follow a coloured belt grading system up to black levels.

Who Were the Reivers?

The Reivers were feared raiders who lived on the English-Scottish borders from the 13th Century to the end of the 17th Century 

They owed more to their families and clans than they did to royalty on either side of the hotly contested border. 

This fierce clan-family loyalty meant nothing was left unrevenged.

Not only did Scot raid the English and vice-verser, they also raided their own side over imagined thefts or slights which would turn into family blood-feuds.

Also, many families-clans had family members on either side of the border - which helped while slipping your neighbours' cattle over the border - and these would help each other with their reivery.

The threat of the Reivers meants for more than 300 years Northumbria, Cumbria and the South Scottish Lowlands were a hotbed of murder, lawlessless, raiding and pillaging and worse.

The Reivers were the feared Steel Bonnets - the warriors from the Borderlands of England and Scotland.


The club is a member of the professional wing of the Amateur Martial Association, the biggest martial arts organisation in Europe, and is affiliated to the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations; the World Union of Karate Organisations; the English Karate Governing Board; the World Council Ju-jitsu Organisations, International Chinese Kung-fu Federation and the World Kali-Escrima Association