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Nov 16th DFM Annual Competition (The Big Squeezey) is being held at Willowburn Sports Centre, Alnwick

Nov 15th Sensei Keith Porter is conducting a seminar at the AFC, Newcastle.

Nov 9th Chris Crudelli of Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves is conducting a seminar at Sife Steve Youngman's kwoon in Jarrow.

Oct 15th 2008: Website is up and running with all links completed.



The following are some of the most common questions that our students and instructors are asked about DFM:

 1. What should I wear?
When you first start training loose sports clothing and trainers are all you will need. This is fine for the first couple of months but at some point you will need to buy a black gi (training uniform) or kickboxing trousers and t-shirt complete with coloured belt. These are available from the club at a discounted price and are embroidered with the club badge.

2. How much does it cost?
We pay monthly at DFM and DFM Kickboxing. This is to ensure that hall fees are covered and so we are able to invest money in new equipment for you. At Alnwick, students attending one session a week pay £15 per month and those taking two sessions a week pay £25. The Newcastle DFM club students pay £10 pay month for their weekly sessions. Paying monthly allows us to keep prices down and offers substantial savings over paying per session.

3. How long before I can use DFM effectively in a confrontation?
Hopefully you will be able to take something away your first session but as with all martial arts progression takes practice and even after years of training there are no guarantees. You will not hear any claims of mystical powers, techniques that always work or superhuman strength at DFM. We aim to teach our students about the reality of violent confrontation and equip them with the skills and knowledge to offer them the greatest chance of walking away unharmed. It is not unheard of for untrained fighters to beat high-ranking black belts in street fights. This is why we also teach our students conflict resolution techniques and appeasement gestures to help de-escalate aggressive confrontations before they become violent.

4. Do I have to be fit?
A reasonable level of fitness is required to join in any sport or vigorous activity but you certainly don’t have to be able to run marathons to get the most out of our classes. At DFM you will find something for you whether you are big or small, fit or unfit and of course by doing martial arts your fitness will improve as you progress. If fitness training is something you are looking for then try DFM Kickboxing, a fantastic way to improve stamina, tone muscle and lose weight whilst having fun and learning something new.