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Nov 16th DFM Annual Competition (The Big Squeezy) is being held at Willowburn Sports Centre, Alnwick.

Nov 15th Sensei Keith Porter is conducting a seminar at the AFC, Newcastle.

Nov 9th Chris Crudelli of Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves is conducting a seminar at Sifu Steve Youngman's kwoon in Jarrow.

Oct 15th 2008: Website is up and running with all links completed.

July 15th: The Annual DFM Kickboxing and Shoot Grappling competition took place at the Willowburn Sports Centre, Alnwick.

July 27th: Medal and trophy presentation after training in The Oddfellows Arms, Alnwick.


Welcome to DFM Kickboxing

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Our unique brand of this popular combat art, Kickboxing blends together western boxing and karate kicking and striking to form an explosive fighting system.

The DFM Kickboxing school caters for students who want to compete or want to use the rigorous training regime to get fit and toned.

The kickboxing workout is a good way of toning up your body and giving your cardio-vascular system an excellent work out.

There is competitive sparring in both light and continuous and semi contact. Competitions can be arranged for those who wish to compete.

The system also teaches basic ju-jutsu ground fighting so students have grappling knowledge and skills for rounded self-defence.

All members can participante in other DFM Martial Arts schools.

The school has a coloured belt grading up to black belt and a junior and senior instructor programme.

All syllabuses (Directional Fighting Method, DFM Kickboxing, Kickbox-jutsu and MMA Reivers) follow a coloured belt grading system up to black levels.


The club is a member of the professional wing of the Amateur Martial Association, the biggest martial arts organisation in Europe, and is affiliated to the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations; the World Union of Karate Organisations; the English Karate Governing Board; the World Council Ju-jitsu Organisations, International Chinese Kung-fu Federation and the World Kali-Escrima Association

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