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Mixed Martial Arts and Modern Combat Systems


Battle amongst the Blossom
Cage Fight Night

DFM Martial Arts are proud to present the Battle amongst the Blossom cage fight and kickboxing contest at The Alnwick Gardens.

The fight night is taking place on Friday, April 24th from 7.15pm.

There will be Mixed Martial Arts cage fighting, ladies kickboxing and a shoot and grapple contest.

Tickets cost £25 standard, £35 for VIP (waitress service) cage side tickets and £300 sponsored table for ten.

Tickets are available from Atmosphere, Cameleon and Sportsworld, Alnwick.

Or by phoning the Ticket Hotline: 07967 724064.

There is a discount for group bookings.

Question and Answers:

What is mixed martial arts? This is a combat competition format that allows fighters from different systems to pit themselves against each other.

Contestants can punch, kick, knee and elbow and grapple an opponent to the ground and fight using wrestling and ju-jitsu.

Some of the system in mixed martial ats include western boxing, kickboxing and wrestling, and eastern martial arts such as karate, Thai boxing, ju-jutsu, taekwondo. judo and kempo. But there are many others...

How do they win? Fighters win by knock outs, TKOs, submissions using locks and chokes, the referees decision or on points.

Why do they fight in a Cage? This is for safety reasons. It stops contestants being thrown out onto the audience endangering both the fighters and those watching.

The first MMA fights were held in boxing rings but they are not suitable for real grappling as you can easily fall through the ropes.

Does it have rules? It actually has many rules - more so than boxing - but that is because MMA really does test who is the ultimate warrior because you have to be able to fight standing up and be able to fight on the ground in real grappling.

Is it popular? MMA is now the biggest combat sport in the world having pushed boxing and wrestling firmly into the back seat.

More than one BILLION pay-per-view sessions were logged by the world's major TV stations in 2007. 

The only sporting event in the USA that still pulls in more viewing figures is the American Football Superbowl.

The most popular brand is the UFC which is featured on Sky and other digital TV stations.

To read more about the event visit www.martialnews.co.uk


DFM Martial Arts is holding the second annual kickboxing and grappling competition in November.

There will be three categories: DFM Shoot fighting; DFM kickboxing and MMA Reivers.

Last year’s event was a great success and a fun day. The same rules apply this year and contestants are encouraged to take part in all sections.
Medals and the student of the year award are up for grabs.

The provisional date is Sunday, November 16th. TBC.  


CHRIS Crudelli, the star presenter of Mind, Body and Kick Ass Moves is featuring in a seminar in Jarrow.

Chris, who has spent his life studying martial arts since age eight, intends to teach his Jui Fa Men style of kung fu (Way of Nine Methods) which is a modern self-defence based adaptation of all the different arts he has studied.

Chris said: “I love the North East and was recently up there teaching in Stockton, which was fun as the guys were down to earth and such good fun.

“I’m a working class lad from Birmingham so they were my kind of people.

“I’m looking forward to coming up to Jarrow and I’m going to teach self-defence and the art of using psychology to stop people attacking you.”

As young lad Chris lived with a Chinese family who taught him their family style kung fu.
Then aged 17 he went to China and spent ten years studying from the top Chinese martial arts instructors and learning Kali knife and stick fighting from the Philippines plus many other combat arts.

When asked what his most memorable experiences were from his debut TV series he said it was meeting Hatsumi Maasaki, the only recognised grandmaster of Ninjutsu, whom he described as awesome.

He said: “It was the way that everything he did was a deception. Before you knew it he was all over you!

“I also enjoyed training with Ushiro sensei, the guy who taught Okinawian Karate. He was three moves ahead of me every time and I just couldn’t hit him!”

Chris is coming to the Kong Sai Kung Fu school in Jarrow which is run by DFM’s good friend Sifu Steve Youngman.

The session will be a three hour seminar and costs £40 per person.
The seminar is being held on Sunday, November the 9th.

If anyone wants to go please email Phil at: phil.dfmselfprotection@hotmail.co.uk


TOP Ninjutsu instructor Keith Porter is teaching this deadly art in Newcastle in November.

Keith, who is DFM instructors Phil Doherty and Darren Currah’s good friend and Tai-jutsu instructor, will be attending the Advanced Fighting Centre on November 15th.

Phil said: “Keith is one of the top martial arts instructors alive today and his knowledge has to be experienced to be understood fully!

“Ninjutsu is one of the core arts under-pinning Directional Fighting Method and every opportunity we get we train with him.

“Ninjutsu is one of the most deadly and effective systems and stretches back at least 900 years.

“Keith has studied extensively in Japan with Grandmaster Hatsumi and has in fact just returned from Bujinkan Ryuko dojo – so I’m sure he has lots of interesting things to show on the seminar.”

Sensei Porter is coming to the AFC in Newcastle on Saturday, November 15th. 
Anyone wanting to attend should email Phil at:


The club is looking to organise a night at an MMA event held in the North East.

The MMA Total Combat 27 event is being held at Rainton Meadow Arena, Houghton-le-Spring, County Durham, on Saturday, November 29th. 

Door open at 6pm and the first fight scheduled for 7.30pm.

If you are want further info see link.
Email: darrencurrah@hotmail.com or Steve Mclaughlan